I've posted about my quilling project in my previous post which you can read about it here. Quilling is a part of modelling craft using paper; and there are many others, such as origami and papercraft. Papercraft, or paper model is 3D model constructed from sheets of paper or card stock that was cut, folded and glued together. In fact, my first craft project was on papercraft and since then I've started to involve in the craft scene (hence the name Papercraft House).

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Papercraft can be a model of anything be it a building, an F1 racing car, a spaceship shuttle or a Transformers robot. Not to mention that you can size it as big as you wish, some people even built a life-sized Zelda paper model, while others built wearable Ironman suit. Jonathan Brand built a 1:1 scale of a Mustang with all complete parts, including the engine, using only paper. Awesome. You can read it more here.

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What’s so cool about papercraft is that it’s free, well not totally free since you’ll need to buy paper and stuff but the design templates are mostly free. And since you can print it yourself you’re not afraid of making any mistake in building your model. Messed up one part? Just print another one, that’s it. I do that all the time.

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One of my favourite reference site is where you can download papercraft template for free. What’s more the owner/creator of the site actually design alot of papercraft model by himself, as example the optimus prime model in the  picture above. Julius Perdana, I salute you sir! Big time!!

As for the model, I loves mecha robot, especially Mobile Suit Gundam. Therefore when I first come into papercraft I decided to build something like this,

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It’s a massive mobile weapons platform “Dendrobium” with the RX-78 GP03S Gundam “Stamen” from the anime Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory designed by Kyuri. But with a 95 (!) sheets of paper to cut, fold and glue I changed my mind. Instead I went for a simpler model to work on for my first project. I found a cool Small Deformed (SD) Gundam designed by 333bankin which is great for beginner like me.

You can check his website at . It’s in Japanese though so you’ll need to get your Google translate working.

And here is my first attempt on Gundam Papercraft:

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