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One day I was browsing around pinterest when i found an amazing post by Jess from Make&DoCrew. She used coffee stirrers as an easy DIY wall art. You can read her complete tutorial here.

(Photo Credit: Make&

I thought that this will be an amazing and fun project to do, so I decided to make one, and to make it more fun I add an analog clock to it. So now it will become a frame wall art clock, literally. Bad taste for name I know, so I just called it a frame clock. Instead of coffee stirrers I use craft sticks and as for the frame, I couldn’t find any suitable frame size that I want, so I made one myself. I've followed Jess’s instructions on making this one, except for that additional clock on the left side of the frame.

I have to say that her work is way better than mine, I love the weathered look of the wood and all those colors. Anyhow, here is my version of Jess’s wall art:

The last one was actually inspired by Samantha’s work on her furniture which you can refer here.

(Photo Credit :

And there you have it. A wall art double as your time telling device.



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  1. A clock! What an awesome idea. I love that. That dresser is such cool inspiration too. Talk about eye candy. (Also, I've moved my site to if you care to update the link.) Happy crafting!

    1. Hi Jess! Such an honor to have you posted a comment in my humble tiny blog. lol =)
      I've updated the link to your new site. Thank you for dropping by!


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