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As promised in this post I shall share one of my own design...the Box Clock! It might not sound new, if you google it you may find the following results:

1- Clock Box by Kibardin Design (

 Clock Box-1
(Photo Credit:

Clock Box-2
(Photo Credit:

As you can see, it’s basically a cardboard box with an analog clock. Surprisingly, the packaging box becomes the clock itself! How cool is that?

2- Clock Box on (

This is similar to kibardin’s clock box with a slightly different design. It even comes with different colors and patterns.

Clock Box-3
(Photo Credit:

Well, did my design originated from these Clock Boxes? Apparently not. I was browsing the Internet one day when I found this:

folding boxCLOCK
(Photo credit:

It was Rita Hart’s folding boxCLOCK ( , you can read it more here
At that time i was thinking it is a brilliant idea to combine two items as one (box + clock). So based on that idea I designed a different product, a clock...on a gift box.

It is good idea for a present, as you can add in the person’s name or some words on it. If you notice, I’ve added some quilling aspects on the design. What is quilling, you may ask? I will cover that on my next post. More of my works:

For this design I just use cardboards, some card stocks, scissor/cutter and glue of course, and ribbon (a must!) so that the clock would obviously looks like a gift box. And please do not forget the clock itself. I actually stripped down the clockwork from a small clock and fit it in inside the box. As for the dimension I follow the size of the clock and gauge it from there. In the end I decided to make the box rectangular in shape so that I can add in some letters and images to make it more beautiful.

Hope you enjoy my box clock. Stay tune for my next post!


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