Quilling Gift Box II

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What would you do when you walked into a gift shop or a craft store and saw that beautiful gift wrap hanging on the shelves? Well for me, I will buy it even if I’m not using it to wrap any gift or present. Why? Because I love to keep wrapping papers as stock and decide later on what to do with them. It all went well until I realized that I have a stockpile of unused wrapping papers around the house. So in order not to make it a waste I have to make something out of it.

One of the simplest thing you can do with your excess stock of wrapping papers is to make a beautiful gift box. As a bonus, you can add a quilling flower on top to decorate the box. I’ve posted before about my Quilling Gift Box and here is a continuation of that project. My idea of a quilling gift box is that the quilling flower or pattern on top of the box has to match the theme and design of the wrapping paper. Choosing the best looking wrapping paper is easy, choosing the best quilling design for that wrapping paper is hard. And that’s where Google is your best friend to freshen up your creative ideas.

As usual my choice of material is cardboard, wrapping paper, small paper doilies, paper strip for the quilling flower, and of course, scissors and glue et cetera. And here goes my Quilling Gift Box part II:

The flower bouquet is my original design (Though I might have seen something similar before and inspired by it, but oh well).

This quilling love pattern was inspired from the web. Just search for ‘quilling heart’ and you can find alot of variations of this design.

I really love this one. The four-leaf clover design was inspired by this post from Etsy.

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March 2015

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