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Today I’ll talk about a type of paper art; quilling. [from Wikipedia] Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greetings cards, pictures, boxes, eggs, and to make models, jewellery, mobiles etc.

In a simpler word, you get a strip of paper, roll it, shape it as you like, and glue it to make a basic quilling shape. 

Quilling is often done with a strip of paper with a width of 1/8” or 3mm wide. As a beginner I found it difficult to roll and shaped a 3mm paper strip with my big fingers (!) so I decided to cut my paper into a 5mm wide strips instead. You can see below the basic shapes of paper quilling from www.littlecircles.net.

(Photo Credit : littlecircles.net)

From these basic shapes you can create different kind of shapes and designs with the sky is the limit of your creativity.

(Photo Credit : nelika-neli.blogspot.com)

(Photo Credit: www.artyulia.com)

If you want to learn more on the basic of quilling I suggest you read Aunt Anne’s Crafts post here

My first project on quilling is a gift box with quilling flower on top, a simple design just to test out my curiosity on this new art I found. I made a set-of-three gift box made of cardboard, wrapped it with a wrapping paper, and add quilling flower that matches the wrapping paper design. And here are the results:



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