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Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I last updated the blog. Have been busy lately with work and other things, but that will not be the topic for today. As a comeback post I will give you a (very) simple tutorial on making your own storage box. 

Few weeks ago I got my hand into some cardboard boxes to store my personal stuff. But to use the box as it is would be boring so I decided to do a makeover for the box, and turn it into a personal storage box - DIY style. The steps are so simple that I summarized it with pictures in 3 steps. Yep, it is that simple. To make this storage box you would need to have two boxes with identical size and shape.

The last picture is the completed product and it is ready to be use. But if you are like me, you would not stop there, aren't you? =)

Since I have plenty of wrapping papers around so why not dressing up the box? And that is exactly what I did.

And then I decided to make few more boxes...

 Now I have fancy storage boxes to keep my personal belongings =)

September 2014

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