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For all book lovers out there you will love today’s post (hopefully). I have found a nice corner bookmark posted at Sketch & Jones and I loved it because of the simplicity and minimalist design. 

(Photo Credit : Sketch & Jones)

Inspired by the design I tried to make a corner bookmark by myself without referring to any templates or manual. It’s kinda a bad idea since i spent a lot of hours trying to make a perfect piece only to found out later that I can make one with lesser steps in less time (lol).

At first I wanted to create a free-to-download template for the bookmark but then I change  my mind. The template that i have been working on was not perfect and need a few adjustments to make the bookmark look nice. So this time around I will just showcase the corner bookmark that I have created and hopefully in near future i will include the templates so that you can make your own bookmark.


April 2015
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