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This will be my second post on cardboard furniture following my first project on this theme; the Modular Honeycomb Shelves. I’m planning to turn this theme into a series of project; so you can expect more post on cardboard furniture soon. I’ve been moving to a new home and I’m in need of new racks and shelves to put in my stuff. Having a lot of cardboard packaging boxes lying around the house I decided to recycle those into shelves instead. The idea came from a storage module designed by Dany Gilles.

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I use the same idea and design of that Stri-Cube to create my own template. I’ve made some changes with the design; the size is smaller, the interlocking system is simpler, and the number of parts is reduced. The best thing about this shelves is that its modular; and I love modular furniture. With modular shelves, I can build few shelf units at first, and I can expand it anytime I wanted to. Plus, its an efficient space saver. You can fit it anywhere you want, either on that small corner of the house or on that huge space inside living room.

As for the design, I removed the side support from the original Stri-Cube. The reason is that I want to have fewer parts to assemble a single shelf unit; as it can saves on material and time. The top and bottom support is important though, as it supports the weight of the items you’re going to put on that shelf. And since the shelves are going to be stack together anyway, I decided that the side support wasn’t necessary.

The material used are double corrugated wall cardboard for the body and support; since it is durable and tough. The front and back cover use a single wall corrugated cardboard sheet.

To assemble one shelf unit I need to cut out 14 pieces of parts. And for this project I only built 6 shelf units because I’m out of double corrugated wall cardboard. So total number of parts that I have to cut out from the cardboard are 14 times 6, which is 84 parts. Total number of hours to do that? One whole weekend. Lol.

The best part of this project is to assemble the shelf unit. You don’t need any glue, accept for the front and back cover. The rest of the parts are connected by interlocking each other.

Now that I have completed the shelves I can use it to store my books and other stuff. And I can add more shelves later on if I need to expand the storage. Stay tune for my other cardboard furniture project! =)


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