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Finally a new Layout is here! In the beginning I’ve been using Accord template from Sora templates for my blog. After awhile I realized that the post width is rather small so I decided to change the layout. Now I’m using Pinfinity template from Sora and with bigger fonts and wider layout I hope the contents will be much more pleasant to read. Like previous theme it’s still have the pinterest feel with a minimal design, I loved it and I hope you will too! =)

Let’s leave it at that, now I’ll feature a work by designer Ed Chew who made a beautiful lamp out of a recycle material.

By using Tetrapack carton box (drink carton) he created something from this

(Photo credit:
And turned it into this

(Photo credit:

And end up as this

(Photo credit:

You can read more about it at  or visit Ed Chew's website.

For DIY warriors you can start buying your drinks carton, drink up those juice, cut open the pack, clean it up and follow the instructions below made by archiquotes from Youtube.

Tutorial Pt.1

Tutorial Pt.2

ardee ^^
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