How to Tie a Perfect Ribbon Bow

Happy Sunday! I’m back with a simple tutorial on how to tie a (almost) perfect ribbon bow on a gift card.

I am not very good with tying ribbon bows, so I’ve look around for a good tutorial and end up with this video in youtube. 

The video tutorial shows a different way on tying a ribbon bow than how I used to. Well, I used to spend hours just to get that one perfect bow for my Box Clock.

So i decided to make this tutorial for my own reference and for yours as well.

1. This is a dummy gift card I prepared for the tutorial

2. I’m using a one sided ribbon. The length of the ribbon depends on the size of the card. My rule of thumb is that the ribbon is 7 times the width size of the card.

3. Firstly, lay the ribbon at the back of the card. Place the card at the center of the ribbon length

4. Cross the ribbon over the card. Make sure the left ribbon is on top of the right one.

5. Make a knot

6. You’ll have an upper and lower ribbon’s “tail” (as I call it)

7. Take the lower tail and make a loop

8. Take the upper tail and “wrap” it around the loop

9. Feed the end of the tail in between the loop and the upper tail. This will turn into a second loop

10. Pull these two loops together to tighten the knot

11. The ribbon is ready! You just need to make few adjustment

12. And here how its look like. You can further trim the ribbon or twist the ribbon’s end, all is up to your creativity.

Thanks for reading and I hope this tutorial is helpful to you.


September 2014
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