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Hi everyone!

I’m ardee and this is my first post ever for, a place where I will share my passion for handmade crafts and gifts. This blog will feature my craft works which are mostly inspired by other crafter’s work/product/design that I applied to my own DIY perspective. I am still a beginner and by no means an expert but I hope you will enjoy my craft’s story as much as I enjoy making it and please share your story as well!


Internet. There are dozens of blogs that focused on crafts and handmade gifts, and all of them are amazing. I will feature some of them in my future post, just stay tuned. Apart from that I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest and Etsy, where you can find unique gifts and beautifully crafted products. Outside the virtual world, I do the old-school way, visit a nearby gift shop or toy store and browse around to get some inspiration. 


Once I stumbled upon a beautiful design that I found I'll gather my resources (tools and materials) to start making one. There are times when I get frustrated because I either don’t have the suitable materials or the right tools to build it, and most of the time I don’t have both. Therefore I turn to the easiest material that I can get in hand, abundance and ‘cheap’; which is paper. Thus a lot my crafts revolve around papers, cardboards and sometime woods. As a result I research a lot on designs which I can build with such materials. 

Take an example of this great product by PenfoldPlant from Instructables (the link is here), whereby a creative 3d design + laser cutter result in an amazing piece of lamp, or art, I would say. Accompanied with a step-by-step instructions this is a great DIY for everyone, permitted that you have access to a laser cutter.

Stunning Cardboard Desk Lamp by PanfoldPlant
(Photo Credit: Instructables)

Though I have yet to build one, this cardboard desk lamp sure is in my to-do-list for upcoming project (and no, I don't have access to laser cutter. lol =p) 

And with that I will stop my rambling for now. Pardon my English as I’m not a native English speaker but I will do my best to write my posts in a simple and comprehensible way that everyone can understand =). I will start featuring my handcrafts in the next post. See you till then!



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