Shadow Box Bouquet

Few weeks ago I was requested to build a case to display a withered flower bouquet. A perfect way to display the bouquet would be to keep it in a shadow box frame. Now what is a shadow box; it is a shallow, rectangular frame fronted with a glass panel, used to show and at the same time protect items on display, such as paintings, coins, or jewelry. The depth of the shadow box will create a dramatic visual effect, thus it is a perfect medium to preserve a memorabilia item.

The steps of building a shadow box is quite simple, what you basically need are:

(i) A square or rectangular shape box with a perfect depth to fit in the object you wish to display. The typical size of the box is normally matches the size of a printer paper or a standard size picture frame.

(ii) A picture frame to attach to the box, you can decide to have a frame with a glass or without the glass.

(iii) A coloured paper or a fabric as  a background piece

For the flower bouquet I’m working on I chose an A4 size frame that fits in the bouquet nicely. 

The only problem is that I cannot find an A4 size shadow box for the job so I was left with two options: (1) build a wooden box or (2) use other material as the shadow box. Having an abundance supply of carboard boxes lying around inside the house made me choose Option 2.

So I made an A4 size box using cardboard and wrapped it with craft paper. I added a hinge to attach the frame to the shadow box, to make it possible to access the content inside.  

Next is to add a background to the shadow box, glued the bouquet to it, place it in the box and then enjoyed the artistic view of my first shadow box project.

Few more views of the completed shadow box


February 2015

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