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Recently I bought a sunglasses which comes with a pouch bag, not a sunglasses case. Thinking that the pouch would not do much to protect the sunglasses I look around for a case. Few of my older cases could not fit in the sunglasses (the frame is quite big), so it’s a good opportunity to make one my own!

At first I’m not very sure of what material should I use. I use paper and cardboard a lot in my craft project, but paper is too fragile for a case and cardboard would make it too bulky. It just so happen that I’m also looking for a suitable material for my next dino lamp project (will talk about this more in my next post) which i have decided to use plastic. Yes, plastic. The same plastic as in a plastic filing folder. So i bought a few plastic folders and re-purpose them for this project.

I am not sure exactly what type of plastic it is, most probably a type of Polypropylene (PP) or some sort. The plastic is thin enough for easy cutting and folding and sturdy enough as a sunglasses case.

This is the plastic filing folder

I remove the fabric and the stitches on the sides of the file folder and open up the folder as a single plastic sheet

Next I drew the template and cut out accordingly. Gluing the plastic is not an easy feat – I’ve tried all kind of adhesive that I have and it won’t stick nicely. Even the hot-melt glue sticks doesn’t work so I use a PVC double-sided tape. 

So here are the end results:

The dimension is 155mm length, 55mm width and 45mm height. The case is big enough for any size of sunglasses. 

One for the Gentleman

And one for the Lady

And another one I wrapped with pattern paper just for the fun of it =)


September 2015

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