Luggage Tag [Part I - Design]


As the title (and the picture) suggests, there will be no new craft in today’s post =( . Since the beginning of the year I was so occupied with work such that I have no time for my craft hobby T_T . I know, i’s my bad for neglecting the blog for so long. But hey, who read my blog anyway! Lol. And for that i thank you for spending your precious time to read whatever knowledge/information that I shared in this humble (and full-of-grammar-mistake) blog.

Knowing that I might not have the time to create some craft, I’ve decided to just share with you with the next best thing. The ideas and design of the craft. I have tons of craft ideas in my mind of what I wanted to do, but time constraint and other commitments prevent me from doing so. Therefore I’ll just share my craft ideas, although it will be more of a concept, since I’ve yet to build it I wouldn’t know whether the design is doable, practical or even make any sense. In the mean time I’ll try to build the craft when I have the spare time.

Moving on, today's craft idea is very simple and i thought about it because of two things – Travel and Recycle. For the past few months I was travelling a lot due to work and I realized that I need a tag to mark my bag. Apparently I have some old leather belts that were no longer use. So I was thinking to turn the belt into a luggage tag. It shall be sort of similar with below tags:

Leather Luggage Tag
(Photo Credit :

Personalized Leather Luggage Tag
(Photo Credit:

The second leather tag looks very neat with the wording etched onto the leather. Since I have never tried nor do I equipped with leather carving tool, I was thinking to go with the simpler way. I will just draw a design on the leather and cut the outline out. I wanted to hand sketch the design but I’ll spare you with the dreadful sight of my drawing skill. Instead, I draw the design in AutoCAD for the 2D and then import it to Sketchup to build the 3D image. Mind you that my skill in Sketchup is average (more to noob actually) since I just learn it recently by myself. Sketchup is a great tool to create 3D sketch for your design, and it is easy to learn. If you have no clue what Sketchup is, checkout this link for this awesome tool.

And here is my intended luggage tag design:

I chose the image of ‘plane’ and ‘luggage’ to fit the theme, obviously, which is,  – a tag for your travel luggage. The intended hole is for the string to be attached to the luggage’s handle.

And here is how it is supposed to look with the leather material:

It is fairly a simple design and I hope I can get to work on it very soon. Till then, see you all next time.


May 2016

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