Mini Cable Reel [Part I - Design]


Today I wanted to share with you another design that I made (sorry, I just couldn’t find the time to make new craft T_T ). A lot of my design is the outcome of solving my everyday problem. Such as this case, I need an object to hold my earphone, an earphone holder or organizer, or whatever you may call it. Googling around and I found an amazing piece of product in Etsy, a wooden  earphone holder.

Wooden Earphone Holder
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I’ve previously made some craft with industrial storage/packaging theme, such as the Mini Crates and Mini Pallet. So this time I would like to go with the same theme, a mini wooden cable reel act as an earphone holder. Just for the note, a cable reel aka cable drum aka cable spool (so many names!) is used to transport many types of cables; i.e electrical, fiber, coaxial etc. For this design, it suppose to transport my earphone, so it has to be miniature in scale.

Cable Reel/Drum/Spool
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My first draft of the proposed design:

The material would be craft sticks, with the reel diameter of around 30mm and 15-20mm of total height. The small hole near the edge at both side is to hold the earbud. I’ve made some mistake in the drawing, the central hole is drawn too big. For a cable reel/cable drum, the purpose of the centre hole is to put a shaft to lift the reel. So basically a large centre hole is impractical but since this is just a concept drawing I just leave it be. In another word, I’m too lazy to revised my Sketchup drawing. Lol.

And here are the intended looks of the finished product.


June 2016

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