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I’ve been searching around on how to create your own sticker label, and there are several methods shared online. However the one in this Instructables interests me;  a DIY version of creating your own transparent/clear sticker. It’s a cost saving way of getting your sticker printed. And it uses cheap materials as well! Except for one small hiccup of course, which I’m going to tell you later. So all you need to prepare are these items:

- Your sticker design
- Normal printing paper
- Scotch tape/Cellotape or any transparent adhesive tape
- Scissors
- Tap water (no, it’s not for drinking)
- Container/bucket to hold the tap water
- Laserjet Printer

Yep. That last item is the hiccup I mentioned earlier, unless you owned a Laserjet printer, but most people don’t anyway. It won’t work with a normal Inkjet printer, which I’ll show you later why. I was lucky to be able to borrow a monochrome Laserjet printer to print my sticker design; which is my blog logo:

The first step is to get your design printed on a common printing paper (70gsm or 80gsm paper weight). Then use a scotch tape (get the biggest size you can find) to cover the whole sticker image.

Next cut the sticker outline as per design.

Now get the container, fill it with tap water and soaked the sticker in it. This is why paper printed using an Inkjet printer doesn't work. Inkjet toner is not waterproof, the water will smears the ink once the paper is soaked into the water. 

Moving on, I’m not sure how long I should let it soaked in the water, i took it out after 10 minutes.

Flipping over the sticker, gently rub over the wet paper. The paper will comes off after a few rub, repeat the process until all the paper residues are gone.

Since there are still traces of paper residue left on the sticker I soaked it again for a good 5 minutes. Once it done, let the sticker dry.

Next comes the big question, does it still sticks? Honestly I have some doubt after all those water soaking and rubbing. But then I try to stick it on a box, and yes! It sticks very well!

It’s a very easy DIY and you should try it too. Till next time. Bye!


July 2016

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